Hollywood Courthouse Los Angeles

Hollywood Courthouse Los Angeles


The Hollywood Courthouse is located at 5925 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028. The Hollywood Courthouse handles only DUI, traffic tickets, and misdemeanor criminal matters. All Family law matters from the Hollywood courthouse  jurisdiction go to the Stanley Mosk courthouse in Downtown LA on Hill Street. All felony criminal matters from Hollywood court go the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center in Downtown LA, aka CCB. The Hollywood court is so small that if you have ever driven though Hollywood you have probably gone right past it without even noticing that it was there. The Hollywood Court is located just west of the 101 freeway on Hollywood Boulevard.  If you are traveling on the 101 and you exit West, the courthouse will be on the North side of the street, just about a block from the freeway.  It is before Florentine Gardens and Vanguard (which just might be where you got cited for the case you need to go to court for).  If you get to Hollywood and Vine or any of the other landmarks on Hollywood Boulevard you have gone too far. Turn around, head back towards the 101 and look closely.  


Parking at the Hollywood court appears to be impossible but really isn’t that bad. The public lot in front of the Hollywood court hold about a dozen cars and there is barely enough room to turn around after you pull in and realize it’s full. Parking on Hollywood Boulevard is not a good option either as the street is VERY busy. The solution is to take Hollywood Boulevard just past the courthouse and then turn right on Gower. Your first light is Carlos, turn right here and voila! A free public lot with plenty of parking!  Take the short walk to the courthouse and your problem is solved.

Additional Information

Criminal matters at the Hollywood Courthouse include DUI and other misdemeanor charges.  Anyone facing a criminal matter is strongly encouraged to contact a criminal defense attorney for a consultation.  If you are facing a criminal charge and your are unable to afford to hire your own lawyer, you have a right to court appointed attorney. A request for the public defender or other appointed counsel should be made to the court at your first appearance before any plea is entered in your case. Traffic matters at the Hollywood Courthouse include both arraignments and traffic trials. Traffic matters with failures to appear or failure to pay are handled by a private collection agency known as GC Services. Anyone with tickets in collections should contact a lawyer with experience dealing with traffic cases in collections.

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