Catalina Courthouse Los Angeles

Catalina Courthouse Los Angeles


The Catalina Courthouse or the Los Angeles Superior Court in Avalon California is located at 215 Sumner Avenue, Avalon, CA 90704. The freeway access is poor but there is zero traffic getting to this courthouse! This courthouse has a grand total of one courtroom. According to the county’s website they have departments for traffic, criminal, civil matters, small claims, and an informal juvenile court. The Catalina Courthouse is known for only being open on certain days of the week and even the operating days are known to have limited hours. Please see below for dates the court will be open in 2021.


There is no designated parking for the courthouse; however, there is free parking on both sides of Sumner Ave. Parking is not a problem at the Catalina Courthouse, especially if you are in a golf cart.

2021 Dates of Operation

Additional Information

If you are local on the island, you are happy to have the Catalina Courthouse. Having a local courthouse means that you can avoid a boat ride to take care of your legal matter.  If you ran into some legal trouble while on vacation in Catalina, the opposite is true.  You are facing a boat ride back to the island to return to the Catalina Courthouse to take care of the problem you picked up on vacation.

The California lawyers we speak with report the most common calls for issues at the Catalina courthouse are related to a vacation arrest. These include traffic court issues, arrest for drunk in public or DUI, and incidents of domestic violence. If you are facing a vacation arrest and you don’t want to return to the island to deal with your legal troubles, you may want to consider retaining the services of a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney. Under California law, an attorney can appear on your behalf at the Catalina courthouse for any misdemeanor charge pursuant to California Penal Code Section 977(a).

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