Airport Courthouse Los Angeles


Rijswijk The Airport Courthouse Los Angeles or “LAX Court” is located at 11701 S. La Cienega in Los Angeles, CA 90045.   This courthouse handles criminal matters for all of the West Side of Los Angeles.   Criminal matters are no longer heard at the Santa Monica Courthouse or the West LA courthouse so if you have a criminal matter from one of those areas it will be transferred to Airport Courthouse Los Angeles.    The LAX courthouse is located on the Southwest corner of the intersection of the 405 and 105 freeways.


buy cytotec without prescription Parking at the Airport Courthouse Los Angeles presents severals options: the area surrounding the entrance to the court has metered parking, but be aware: if you get stuck in court for a while you will be running up and down to feed the meter. The meters are checked regularly and tickets issued daily, so be careful to keep your meter fed if you park here. There is also a lot for paid parking in the “pacific concourse” just behind the courthouse, but that can be expensive for some.  Parking for a half day can run about $10.  Free parking for the Airport Courthouse Los Angeles is available on La Cienega, but traffic on La Cienega generally runs about 50 mph, making it difficult to parallel park.

Additional Information

Cases here are prosecuted by the Los Angeles District Attorney, The Los Angeles City Attorney, and several local prosecutors from the smaller cities in West LA. Unlike most California Courts which allow for an attorney to appear on behalf of a client in a misdemeanor case pursuant to CA Penal Code Section 977,  the airport courthouse Los Angeles  has a strict policy of not allowing attorney’s to appear to recall a warrant without a client being present.  Therefore all defendant’s with a warrant must personally appear in the clerk’s office before the case will be added to the calendar.

The clerk’s office will take walk-ins on warrants until about 9:30 AM as long as the client is present.  This is a challenge for many people because it means you will have to face the moment of truth where the Judge will have to decide whether to recall and quash your warrant or remand you into custody.   If you have an active warrant out of the Airport Courthouse Los Angeles and you would like to have an experienced attorney by your side when you the Judge calls your name, consider retaining the services of an experienced LA Criminal Defense lawyer.

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