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Los Angeles Superior Court serves the legal needs of the most heavily populated county in California. The Los Angeles County Superior Court can often seem like a maze. LA Criminal court, LA traffic court, LA civil court, celebrities, traffic, the media, OJ, MJ, yeah we got it all. Finding your LA courthouse, getting there, parking, and getting out, requires a game plan and some internet research. Whether you received a traffic ticket, need to file for divorce, or want to attend a criminal hearing for a family member or friend, this webpage directory of the Los Angeles Superior Court is designed to help you find the right LA courthouse by providing a directory of the Los Angeles County Courts.

Click on the links below for each courthouse to find out more FREE INFO about how to get there, where to park, hours, how to pay traffic ticket, phone numbers, and more. Los Angeles Superior Court is currently undergoing a huge fiscal crisis and courthouses are closing at a rapid rate. The most recent wave of Los Angeles Superior court budget cuts eliminated about eight more courthouses in LA. Going to court takes ALL day between traffic, parking, security, and general courthouse lag time. Things just get worse when there are fewer LA county courthouses. The last thing you want to do is go through this process twice because you drove all the way to LA traffic court, only to find out that the courthouse on the bottom of your ticket has been closed. Get your research on Angelinos.

If you’re facing a charge in Los Angeles County, it’s in your best interest to have an experience criminal defense attorney by your side. You can browse our lawyer’s listing to find the right attorney for your particular case!

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Los Angeles Superior Court
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