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Kern County Superior Court serves Kern County California.  Located north of Los Angeles Kern county is often referred to as the dividing line between Southern California and Northern California.   Kern County Superior Court operates several courthouses to serve the legal needs of the residents of Kern County.   The center of Kern County is Bakersfield California and there are 4 courthouses within the city of Bakersfield.   The four Bakersfield courthouses handle felony criminal matters at the 1415 Truxtun address and DUI and misdemeanor issues at the Metropolitan Justice Building at the 1215 Truxtun address.  Juvenile Court matters for the Kern County Superior Court are handled at the College Avenue courthouse and traffic court in Bakersfield is held at the 3131 Arrow Street Courthouse.

Outside the city of Bakersfield Kern County Superior Court operates several outlying courthouses.  Lamont and Taft handle primarily traffic matters while Mojave handles a full calendar of traffic and criminal cases.  Each of courts are part of the Kern County Superior Court.

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