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Imperial Superior Court serves the legal needs of county of Imperial, California. The Imperial Superior Court covers what is often referred to as the Imperial Valley, or just “the valley”. The most heavily populated area in Imperial County is El Centro. El Centro literally means “downtown” in Spanish and for the Imperial valley, El Centro is downtown. Most major government functions for Imperial County are handled out of El Centro. No surprise then to find the El Centro Courthouse and several smaller courthouses in Imperial County in the surrounding cities.

Imperial County Superior Court handles the legal needs of the people living in the Imperial Valley of California. The primary court for the Imperial Superior Court is in El Centro, California, with smaller courthouses in the surrounding communities.   This free directory or the Imperial County Superior Court will provide addresses, phone numbers, and general court information for each of the courthouses in the Imperial Valley Superior Court system.

Cases in the Imperial County Superior Court cover the full range of legal issues including criminal defense matters, traffic tickets and other traffic matters, DUI cases, landlord tenant issues, family law, juvenile law, probate, restraining orders, and a general civil calendar. The civil calendar covers general business disputes, personal injury matters such as car accidents, slip and fall, premises liability, and more. Civil court calendars are divided into matters of limited jurisdiction (cases for damages below a stated amount) and general jurisdiction courts which hear unlimited amounts of alleged damages.

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Imperial Superior Court: El Centro Courthouse

Imperial Superior Court: Infractions Court

Imperial Superior Court: Brawley Courthouse

Imperial Superior Court: Winterhaven Courthouse

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