California Court Directory

California Court Directory

This California Court Directory will help you navigate the California Court System. The system is built with 58 superior courts, one for each of the 58 counties in the great state of California. Our Court Directory will help you find your local court that hears cases in criminal, DUI, traffic, family, juvenile, and civil matters. Additionally, California has an appellate court system as well as the California Supreme Court, which sits above all.

If you need to find the right courthouse for your case or get information about any California Courthouse, our free California court directory is a great place to start! Our Court Directory will include courthouse phone numbers whenever possible, but please be advised that most courts in our California court directory only provide phone numbers that lead to automated lines. In addition to phone numbers, our directory also includes courthouse addresses, parking info, jury duty info, and any other relevant or useful info that we can provide.

If you can’t find the information you need using our Court Directory, it might be time to call a local California attorney. Local attorneys who practice in these courts regularly can often answer your questions about a particular court or legal issue very quickly. Flock of Legals contains hundreds of legal articles or blogposts written by local California lawyers that can provide you with more information.

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