Calif. Employers Might Have to ‘E-Verify’ to Weed Out Illegal Immigrants

Table of Contents With a pinch of Arizona thrown into his recipe, California Republican Assemblyman Tim Donnelly has proposed a law that would require the state’s employers to verify that workers are here legally via the federal government’s E-Verify system. He argues it would help save California taxpayers billions of dollars spent on services for illegals. But some employers are not enthused. For one, it would add an extra step — and extra liability — to the employment process.

As it stands in the Golden State, all employees have to do is …

… file I-9 forms with the feds. Those usually require ID and Social Security cards, which can be faked. But if you own a business, it takes a lot of the weight off your shoulders. You filed it. You’re good. For the most part.

With Donnelly’s AB 26 would put the monkey back on business owners’ back, requiring them to make sure, via E-Verify, that their workers are fully legal.

Already, United Farm Workers, the union representing Central Valley agricultural labor, says the bill would seriously harm argribusiness’ ability to hire seasonal workers.

Donnelly plans to introduce the bill April 2.


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