Laws on Buying Alcohol For Minors In California

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buy Lyrica online europe Attorney Christopher J McCannGuest Post By: Christopher J McCann on Buying Alcohol For Minors In California. Being a person under the age of 21 in California or anywhere in the United States is considered a minor. Buying alcohol for minors is illegal in any capacity. There are a lot of minors that frequent liquor shops and spot people going into the establishment to purchase liquor and ask them for a favor. That favor is in the form of buying liquor and that is illegal.

cytotec online without prescription In fact there are two parts to this law, buying the alcohol and having the minor actually drinking it in front of the person that purchased the alcohol. In California there is a zero tolerance factor for minors drinking alcohol. In certain situations minors can consume alcohol under the supervision of a parent or guardian but if that minor steps outside into the public domain, they then can be arrested for being drunk in public.

Buying alcohol for minors in California is considered a Class A misdemeanor but still can impact the financial end of the person being charged. First offenses can range up to a year in jail and penalized with thousands of dollars as a fine.

If charged for buying liquor for minors in California statute will require some tense negotiations between an attorney and the court system. If extenuating circumstances can be proven, an experienced attorney can outline those facts to the court system and help alleviate the penalties that may be rendered.

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Criminal defense attorney, Christopher J. McCann is from Orange County & Los Angeles and able to help defend the facts and present a case to the courts to the best of his ability. He knows how to create the proper defense from a Ventura criminal defense attorney and works hard with personal attention to try to achieve the best odds of the least penalties that can be levied. Without an experienced Alameda DUI lawyer like him the maximum penalties of the law may be put against those arrested for a criminal defense in California.  If your outside of OC or LA, then he can help refer you, such as a San Bernardino DUI defense attorney

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