What A BUI California First Offense Will Get You?

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Manamadurai Attorney Christopher J McCannGuest Post on BUI California First Offense by Christopher J. McCann a California BUI attorney 


Spending a day at the lake with friends on a boat enjoying the water and even doing a bit of fishing is what a lot of people do in California. They do this because California is renowned for its lakes and the beautiful scenery that it provides anyone visiting there. Sometimes people take it up a notch and enjoy the day with too much drinking alcohol. This is a bad idea because if authorities suspect that drinking is part of the party and it turns out that the blood alcohol content for the boat operator is beyond acceptable limitations then that person is considered BUI.

Whether stopped for a BUI (Boating under the influence) or a DUI (Driving under the influence), the same penalties apply. Before we get into what penalty structure is involved, knowing what the BAC limits is, bears repeating.

According to the California boating code, a person is considered impaired with a BAC of .08 percent or higher. This is the same percentage as if a person were driving a car. In certain situations even that .08 percent can be taken down to a .05 percent level if circumstances warrant it. These circumstances include but are not limited to slurred speech or the inability to walk straight much less driving a boat.

So for a BUI California first offense, one can expect a penalty of spending up to six months in jail and a fine of $1000. This sentence can be enhanced if it was deemed that the person refused the blood alcohol test. In extreme cases, even the drivers license can be suspended and be required to attend an alcohol treatment program.

For these first time BUI CA offenses, it is a wise decision to get a California BUI attorney that knows the legal system and the deadlines that need to be met in order to stave off any drastic action by the DMV or the courts. Contracting with a California BUI attorney is the best offense in this type of situation. Time is of the essence when it comes to being defended properly and avoids any further penalties when going through this type of situation.

buy stromectol pills About Guest Post Author:

Chris McCann is a Criminal Defense and Santa Ana DUI Attorney serving Southern California, including Orange County and Los Angeles County. Mr. McCann has 12 years of related DUI criminal defense experience and has contributed to several online media publications and manages two blogs filled with recent drunk driving articles.

Contact the Law Offices of Christopher J. McCann at:

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If convicted of boating under the influence in Orange County or Los Angeles for a CA BUI arrest, then an appropriate DUI defense attorney that knows boating under the influence BUI California laws, should be the next step. Contacting Christopher J. McCann to review  your boating BUI arrest with an Orange County DUI lawyers, with the information above, so he can help review and possible hire to prepare your boating under the influence California defense.

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