Being Proactive with Domestic Violence Charges

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slouchingly Domestic Violence Lawyer Errol CookTHE PHONE CALL

Capulhuac Being investigated for any domestic violence related offense can be very stressful.  A minor argument or verbal altercation in an already fragile marriage or relationship can lead to a felony case being filed.  Whether it is your romantic partner or a well-meaning neighbor, one phone call to the police about a domestic dispute will likely lead to someone being arrested.


Bratsk Investigating officers who arrive to investigate a domestic violence call will likely try and elicit incriminating statements from the suspect.  Usually, the suspect believes they can talk their way out of the situation.  This could not be further from the truth.   Statements given to an investigating officer will almost always result in charges being filed.


If a domestic disturbance has occurred, then you need to contact an experienced domestic violence defense attorney right away….before the police arrive.  Knowing your rights is critical.  Don’t rely on the investigating officers to tell you your rights.


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