Bail Guidelines in Southern California

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droningly errol_cook,_esq2Bail guidelines in California are very, very important to understand.  One of the first things a criminal defendant is faced with after being arrested is the issue of bail.  When a suspect is arrested for a criminal offense, the arresting agency will refer to the local bail schedule to set bail.  If you are arrested for a felony, bail will be quite high.  If you are arrested for a misdemeanor, then bail will be set relatively low depending on the nature of the charges.  In Los Angeles County inmates, upon arrest, may be able to call a “Bail Commissioner” from the jail and request to be released on their own recognizance prior to the actual arraignment.  Each county has it’s own procedures for bail.  Contacting an attorney prior to your court date to discuss the issue of bail is critical. Errol Cook, Esq.

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