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Falāvarjān Undercover vice cops are setting up stings on in order to arrest alleged prostitutes.  Generally, an undercover officer will respond to an advertisement for ‘Erotic Services.”  Upon calling the number and agreeing to a massage, the undercover officer will meet the masseuse at a motel.  Generally a price for the massage is set prior to meeting.  Upon a face-to-face meeting the undercover officer will generally ask for sex in exchange for money.  If there is resistance then the officer will remain persistent even if this means obtaining a 30 minute massage while consistently asking for sex.  If the “masseuse” verbally or even indirectly agrees to sex for money, numerous officers will raid the motel room and arrest the defendant. If you or someone you know has been arrested for a prostitution related offense, contact the Law Offices of Errol Cook today at 562-209-1114 or visit our website at

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