Alhambra Traffic Court set to close May 15, 2013

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Hornsby Alhambra Traffic Court Attorney Mark A. GallagherAlhambra traffic court is set to close on May 15, 2013 due to the budget crunch facing the Los Angeles Superior Court.   Closures of many courthouses have been rumored and announced over the last few months and this is the latest news from the Alhambra traffic court.   As of May 15th, all traffic matters from the San Gabriel Valley that would have previously been heard at the Alhambra traffic court will be reassigned to the Pasadena Courthouse.

voluntarily Please note that the Alhambra courthouse will remain open and continue to hear criminal and limited civil cases.   Unlike some other courts in the Los Angeles Superior Court, the Alhambra courthouse is not completely shutting down.   This is simply a move to consolidate the traffic calendar.    Therefore, if you have a DUI or other misdemeanor traffic issue that is assigned to the Alhambra courthouse, those matters will remain in Alhambra.   The traffic calendar that is moving to Pasadena will be for basic infractions only such as speeding tickets, red light camera tickets, illegal turns, seatbelt tickets, cellphone tickets, and other basic moving violations.

inimitably Although this closure will be a major inconvenience in terms of travel for people who live near the Alhambra courthouse, it is not really a bad thing.  In my experience handling traffic matters all over Southern California for the last 13 years, I have found Alhambra traffic court to be a difficult place to practice.   The policies of the clerk’s office and the bench in Alhambra traffic court are very inefficient.  Getting a fine reduction, an amendment to a non moving violation, or any other favorable disposition is very challenging.    The move to Pasadena should benefit virtually everyone who handles traffic matters in the area as well as anyone who receives a ticket in that area.   If you have a traffic matter currently pending in Alhambra traffic court, you may want to extend the appearance date in order to take advantage of the upcoming transfer to Pasadena.    If you have questions regarding Alhambra traffic court, Pasadena traffic court, or any other traffic court in Southern California, contact me toll free anytime at 1-800-797-8406.   I just might have some helpful info.

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