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reckless driving examples, reckless driving in california, dui, personal injury, criminal

Kendale Lakes Reckless Driving Examples in California “Reckless driving” is a relatively broad term that can apply to many different behaviors. When drivers are reckless behind the wheel they put themselves and all other drivers around them at serious risk. When reckless drivers cause accidents, they are not only likely to face civil claims for damages from the victims they injure, but

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fault in a car accident when backing up, personal injury, car accident, negligence

buy cytotec without rx Who Is At Fault In A Car Accident When Backing Up? Car accidents can happen in many different ways, and not all accidents occur in active traffic. Many accidents happen when drivers least expect them, such as when they are pulling out of a parking

speeding tickets, fight your ticket, traffic tickets

Joal-Fadiout There are many different types of traffic tickets, however, we’re going to focus on speeding tickets. Generally speaking, if you were caught driving in excess of 100 mph, your conviction could include a license suspension as well as 2 points on your license. Speeding Tickets

driving under the influence of drugs, drugs

order modafinil netherlands Driving Under the Influence of Drugs: Overview What happens to your license when you are caught driving under the influence of drugs? Generally, there are two components when you drive under the influence: a court process and a DMV process. However, for a first time

settle a car accident claim, How Long Does It Take to Settle a Car Accident Claim in California, personal injury, accident

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Car Accident Claim in California? Car accidents happen every day throughout California, sometimes resulting in devastating injuries and substantial economic losses for those involved. It’s natural to feel uncertain and frustrated after an accident, especially one that

felony conviction impact my dui case, dui, criminal defense lawyer

Will a Felony Conviction Impact my DUI Case? It depends. If the felony conviction was for a DUI and if your conviction occurred within ten years, then your conviction can be counted against you. However, if your conviction occurred more than ten years ago, then

speeding ticket accumulate points, ticket, points

When does a speeding ticket accumulate points? You accumulate points when you are convicted of speeding unless you attend traffic school when eligible. What is a Conviction? A conviction can occur when you enter a guilty plea, are found guilty after a trial, or when

direct contact in domestic violence cases, domestic violence

Direct Contact in Domestic Violence Cases A domestic violence conviction requires that the victim’s injury be the result of the defendant’s direct contact. Injury resulting from indirect contact is not enough. There are some examples below. Injury Resulting From Direct Contact Jane and John are

dmv hearing, dui

Should You Submit A Brief For Your DMV Hearing? In this blog, I’ll be covering some of the pros and cons of submitting a brief for your DMV hearing. But first we should break down a few things. When is it Appropriate to Submit a