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VC 12500(a) Driving without a license in California

The Basics of VC 12500 California Vehicle Code Section 12500 or VC 12500(a) requires you to have a valid license to drive a car in California.  Seems simple enough right? You gotta have a license to drive, everyone knows that by the time they are old enough to drive.   No license? Pulled over? YouContinue Reading

California Speeding Ticket over one hundred miles per hour

California Speeding Ticket over one hundred miles per hour When you get a California Speeding Ticket over one hundred miles per hour you have joined the overachievers club.   Not only are you going over the speed limit, you are going WAY over the speed limit.   California speeding tickets over one hundred miles perContinue Reading

DUI defenses that work – Don’t Trust the Breathalyzer

DUI defenses that work are a hot topic.   I have people call me every day and ask, “If I blew over the limit…..how can I win my case? Do you know any DUI defenses that work? ”  People just can’t imagine that they could blow over the limit and NOT get a DUI conviction.Continue Reading

How much will my ticket cost if I hire a Los Angeles traffic ticket lawyer?

Is it worth the money to hire a Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Lawyer?   This is a question I get asked everyday in my office.  Some people will call and beat around the bush, others get right down to the point and just ask.  If my LA traffic ticket costs $500, why would I payContinue Reading

DMV Court Codes for Los Angeles County Traffic Tickets

DMV Court Codes for LA County Traffic Tickets For some reason DMV court codes are one of the more closely guarded secrets in the California traffic court system.    Many DMV employees and traffic court clerks treat the handbook as some sort of holy grail that can not be shared with the public eye.  Continue Reading