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VC 12500(a) Driving without a license in California

The Basics of VC 12500 California Vehicle Code Section 12500 or VC 12500(a) requires you to have a valid license to drive a car in California.  Seems simple enough right? You gotta have a license to drive, everyone knows that by the time they are old enough to drive.   No license? Pulled over? YouContinue Reading

How much will my ticket cost if I hire a Los Angeles traffic ticket lawyer?

Is it worth the money to hire a Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Lawyer?   This is a question I get asked everyday in my office.  Some people will call and beat around the bush, others get right down to the point and just ask.  If my LA traffic ticket costs $500, why would I payContinue Reading

Got an old California traffic ticket in collections? Don’t pay it!

If you have an old California traffic ticket in collections in the California Court system, you probably think it’s a money problem.   You want to pay off the ticket, but you just don’t have the cash.   GC Services, Alliance One, or any other 3rd party collection agency contracted by the courts tend to demand aboutContinue Reading

California Suspended License Driving in violation of Vehicle Code Section 14601

California Suspended License Help.  California Vehicle Code Section 14601 sets forth the rules and penalties for driving on a suspended license.   The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office estimates that more than 15% of all criminal cases filed in the Los Angeles County Court system are based on charges of driving without a licenseContinue Reading

California Drivers With New York Speeding Tickets

California Drivers With New York Speeding Tickets For those of you who plan on visiting the Big Apple in the near future, this article is for you. Remember, when you get a speeding ticket in a different state, you are not automatically off the hook simply because you do not live there.  You will stillContinue Reading