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An arrest for driving under the influence in California is an expensive and painful process for many California drivers.  There’s the embarrassment of the arrest, the thousands of dollars in fines, the DUI classes you must attend (and pay for), and possible custody time, not to mention the cost of an attorney.  Many people chooseContinue Reading

DUI in California: Don’t Convict Yourself

DUI in California: Don’t Convict Yourself

Law enforcement agencies across California have been ramping up efforts to enforce drunk driving laws. As an attorney practicing in Indio, CA, I’m always amazed at the sheer number of DUI cases that come through the courthouse. Many people don’t realize how easy it is to reach a BAC of .08. Many more are unawareContinue Reading

How to Reduce Your Bail in a Criminal Case

There are a number of ways to get your bail reduced in a criminal case.  Often times the arresting agency will arrest a suspect for a felony.  Bailing out on felony charges can be extremely expensive.  I have often witnessed individuals arrested on felony cases with felony bail set by the arresting agency, only toContinue Reading

Undercover Prostitution Stings

Pages like Craiglist and Backpage offer internet users looking for goods or services an easy and convenient way to purchase items and obtain services. However, those individuals looking for “erotic services” need to use caution.  Whether you are looking for an innocent massage or something more, undercover officers are on the lookout for illegal prostitution activities.Continue Reading

Navigating the California Criminal Court System

Last week I got a call from a client, we can call her Lisa. That’s not her name but we have this whole confidentiality and attorney client privilege thing going on so for purposes of this blog, she is just going to have to be Lisa. Anyway, Lisa just got out of the Orange CountyContinue Reading