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What happens when a  DUI Attorney drives through DUI Checkpoint?

What happens when a DUI Attorney drives through DUI Checkpoint?

What happens when a  DUI Attorney drives through DUI Checkpoint? Thoughts before I did this. As a Orange County DUI Attorney I may have some biases as to DUI checkpoints.  There a lot of reasons why people should not trust DUI checkpoints. To name a few, they are a waste of money and are notContinue Reading


Two Los Angeles Police Department officers have been found guilty of perjury and conspiracy to obstruct justice by a Los Angeles County Courtroom jury. Four years ago, the two officers conspired to convict a defendant on drug charges. However what the two officers never realized was that there would be video surveillance of the entireContinue Reading

Los Angeles to get tough on medicinal marijuana dispensaries

Los Angeles’s attempt to regulate the distribution of medical marijuana appears to be coming to an end after the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously this week to ban all marijuana dispensaries. This ban may come as a surprise to many especially since the ban also opened the door to possibly letting some dispensaries remain.Continue Reading

Matt Barnes fails traffic ticket 101-If you ignore a ticket, it just gets worse

Former Los Angeles Laker power forward Matt Barnes got hooked up yesterday by the Manhattan Beach Police Department.  Barnes has posted $51,000 in bail (that’s likely about $5k to a bail bond company for those of you keeping score at home) and he is now a free man again.   Barnes is also currently aContinue Reading

Obama’s New Immigration Policy

On Friday June 15, 2012, President Obama’s administration announced the largest change in US Immigration policy in decades.  After years of stalled talks about the dream act, immigration reform, and amnesty; reality hit the fan in about 30 seconds on Friday.   According to the press release on the US Department of Homeland Security website,Continue Reading