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Torrance Crime News – Theft Defense Lawyer

Torrance Crime News Crime is on the rise in Torrance during this busy holiday season.  Likewise, pleading guilty or no contest plea to a theft charge in the Torrance Courthouse can have devastating consequences on your future employment.  Many job applicants are asked if they’ve ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony and,Continue Reading

Courtroom Secrets Part 1 – Things Law School Doesn’t Teach You About Criminal Courts

All lawyers can agree that law school can be a grueling experience and studying for the bar can be downright painful.   Future lawyer take numerous courses on the law, legal analysis and trial advocacy.  However, there are few if any courses on what really goes on in a courtroom….especially in criminal courts.  Here are justContinue Reading

Low Cost Expungements by Errol Cook

Clearing your criminal history in the current economy may give you a leg up in the employment arena.  Low costs expungements are relatively easy to do depending on the charge you were convicted of.  A low cost expungement is fairly simple if the charge was a mild misdemeanor and the expungement was part of theContinue Reading

Prostitution Defenses- Don’t Plead Guilty

Most defendants make the mistake of pleading guilty to a first time prostitution charge at arraignment because the sanctions are generally not severe without considering the defenses to the charge.  There are numerous defenses to a prostitution charge. The sanctions/punishment will include probation, HIV/AIDS Testing, and other prostitution related terms. Reviewing your case with anContinue Reading

Los Angeles County Criminal Defense Attorneys, Los Angeles County Juvenile Law Defense Attorneys, and Los Angeles County Family Law Attorneys foresee huge problems with budget cuts to the Los Angeles County Court System

Since 2008 we have seen the California Court System diminish in terms of efficiency and production. The years 2012 and 2013 look to be no different, as this year the Los Angeles Court System will look to cut $30 million from its already reduced budget. This cut in the budget will be responsible for closingContinue Reading