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How much will my ticket cost if I hire a Los Angeles traffic ticket lawyer?

Is it worth the money to hire a Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Lawyer?   This is a question I get asked everyday in my office.  Some people will call and beat around the bush, others get right down to the point and just ask.  If my LA traffic ticket costs $500, why would I payContinue Reading

DMV Court Codes for Los Angeles County Traffic Tickets

DMV Court Codes for LA County Traffic Tickets For some reason DMV court codes are one of the more closely guarded secrets in the California traffic court system.    Many DMV employees and traffic court clerks treat the handbook as some sort of holy grail that can not be shared with the public eye.  Continue Reading

14601.2 Driving on a Suspended License in California after a DUI

California Vehicle Code Section 14601.2 is the charge for driving on a suspended license in California when the suspension was the result of a prior DUI conviction.   Unlike driving without a license under VC 12500 and even driving on a suspended license in California under VC 14601.1(a) or VC 14601.5(a), 14601.2(a) is a chargeContinue Reading

Low Cost Expungements by Errol Cook

Clearing your criminal history in the current economy may give you a leg up in the employment arena.  Low costs expungements are relatively easy to do depending on the charge you were convicted of.  A low cost expungement is fairly simple if the charge was a mild misdemeanor and the expungement was part of theContinue Reading

Got an old California traffic ticket in collections? Don’t pay it!

If you have an old California traffic ticket in collections in the California Court system, you probably think it’s a money problem.   You want to pay off the ticket, but you just don’t have the cash.   GC Services, Alliance One, or any other 3rd party collection agency contracted by the courts tend to demand aboutContinue Reading