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Courtroom Secrets Part 1 – Things Law School Doesn’t Teach You About Criminal Courts

All lawyers can agree that law school can be a grueling experience and studying for the bar can be downright painful.   Future lawyer take numerous courses on the law, legal analysis and trial advocacy.  However, there are few if any courses on what really goes on in a courtroom….especially in criminal courts.  Here are justContinue Reading


If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably trying to figure out what to do about your Los Angeles County Bench warrant. You’re obviously worried about it. You must be tired of that feeling of dread every time you see a cop. But understandably, you’re afraid to go to court. Are they going to slapContinue Reading

How to Reduce Your Bail in a Criminal Case

There are a number of ways to get your bail reduced in a criminal case.  Often times the arresting agency will arrest a suspect for a felony.  Bailing out on felony charges can be extremely expensive.  I have often witnessed individuals arrested on felony cases with felony bail set by the arresting agency, only toContinue Reading

Will getting my new case dismissed make my probation violation go away?

I practice criminal defense in Los Angeles, Orange County, and everywhere else in Southern California.   Like a true Sureno, I handle everything south of Bako.   A question that comes up quite is bit deals with clients facing a probation violation in connection with a new case.     The most common scenario involvesContinue Reading

Celebrities and Special Court Treatment

Celebrities and Special Court Treatment   If you have been following the court trials of the rich and famous over the past couple of years, you may feel that being a celebrity allows a defendant special treatment because of their status in popular culture. Often times, media reports suggest that because of a defendants perceivedContinue Reading