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California lawyers and California attorneys practice in a wide range of legal specialties.    One California lawyer may specialize in DUI law, and another may specialize in divorce.   If you are reading this you may need to find a California lawyer to handle your traffic ticket, or you may need to find one who can help you with a personal injury claim from a car accident.   One of the concepts behind Flock of Legals is to help people locate and retain the services of the right lawyer for their legal issues.   By reading our the blog posts contributed by the lawyers on this website you can learn more information about your legal issue in California and hopefully find the right lawyer to help you when needed.

There are countless different areas of legal speciality for a California lawyer.   This list is not meant to complete but rather to help narrow your search.  Within each practice area it is also important to note that certain lawyers or law firms in California will specialize in representing select clients within their legal field.  For example there is an entire industry of insurance defense lawyers.  These law firms specialize in representing the interests of insurance carriers.  If you locate spend time looking for a quality law firm in your area that handles car accident issues and you contact an insurance defense firm, you will be sorely disappointed because while they may be a high quality law firm, they are working for the other team.   Flock of legals is dedicated to public access to justice and therefore we feature California lawyers and law firms that provide services to regular people as opposed to large corporate or government entities.   You need a lawyer who can help solve your problems, that’s why you are searching online for information.  If you are a giant corporation or government entity, you likely already have a high priced law firm on retainer.

With these principles in mind, here are some of the primary areas that everyday people living in California may find themselves in need of a California lawyer

California Criminal Defense

California DUI Defense

California Traffic Ticket Defense

California Personal Injury Claims

California Family Law

California Bankruptcy Law

California Small Business Law

California Evictions and Landlord Tenant Issues

California Employment Law

California Workers Compensation Claims

California Immigration Law