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300th Blog Post on Flock Of Legals !!

Just want to take guest post claim on the 300th blog post on Flock Of Legals. My how this CA legal site has grown with over 1,200 total pages! Of that, I see 192 indexed pages with my name in Google. You can see my author bio page here About Christopher J McCann A CriminalContinue Reading

SEO for California Lawyers

OK California lawyers, listen up.   You want to know why no one is visiting your fancy expensive website?   You wonder why Flock of Legals is getting about 7000 reads a month?  In real estate the first three rules are location, location, and location.    I dare say the first three rules of theContinue Reading

SEO for California lawyers – The Panda, The Penguin, and The California Lawyer

SEO for California lawyers what an exciting topic.   They taught us a lot of different subjects in law school, but SEO for California lawyers was definitely not one of them.   And what the heck does SEO for California lawyers have to do with practicing law?   As a California lawyer, I spend mostContinue Reading

How Do I make My Website Mobile Friendly?

It is only inevitable that people will start going to our sites with their phones.Whether we like it or not, everyone is starting to do more things with their mobile phone. People use to shop online with their computers and now they are using their phones. Let’s not talk about Yelp and Apps. I’m sure someone hasContinue Reading