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Is Medical Marijuana Finally “Truly Legal” in California? How Worried Should You Be If You’re a Dispensary or Collective?

It is well known that California initiatives and legislation have provided for medical marijuana to be legal in California. But did you know that until very recently, medical marijuana collectives and growers still faced unpredictable raids from the federal government? Indeed, some still believe raids and enforcement activity are likely to continue, despite numerous reforms alreadyContinue Reading

They are Speaking In Code–What Kind of Motion or Waiver is That?

This article was original published in Crime Justice & America, Alameda County Edition, 2009. THEY ARE SPEAKING IN CODE–What Kind of Motion or Waiver is That?           By:     Andrew Dósa Do you remember getting a box of Cracker Jacks, that caramel covered popcorn with peanuts?  There was always some kind of “prize” inside.  The coolest hadContinue Reading

Request the County Seat

While traveling in an unfamiliar location, you find yourself lost and you need to turn around. As you do so, you are pulled over by a law enforcement officer whom is not willing to listen to your story of distress and confusion. Is there any way to avoid traveling out to this remote location andContinue Reading

Stand Your Ground

Stand Your Ground.  Today’s blog post is a guest submission from retired lawyer Noah Kovacs.  Since retiring from law, Noah Kovacs has enjoyed himself blogging about small business law, legal marketing, and anything else legal, criminal or civil. He recently purchased his first cabin and spends his free time remodeling its kitchen for his family.Continue Reading

Can my old traffic tickets land me in jail?

Yes!  Looking up my traffic tickets on the Los Angeles County Superior Court website and searching under the driver’s license look-up, I found a few unresolved items listed.  I see that I have four unresolved tickets from various courthouses in the greater Los Angeles area. The “status” section has four different messages.  The first casesContinue Reading