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Domestic Violence Defense Strategy

How do you know you have a winning domestic violence defense strategy? Read below: Self-Defense This is the most widely used domestic violence defense strategy. If you are charged with domestic violence, but you were merely attacking in order to defense yourself, then you are not guilty of domestic violence. Self-defense means that you reasonablyContinue Reading

How to Get Joint Custody

Is joint custody hard to get? What is the best way to get joint custody? Is it worth it going to court? Courts generally consider the following factors in determining whether to award joint custody. Read the factors to get a better idea on how to get joint custody: Whether the living environment is stable TheContinue Reading

Being Proactive with Domestic Violence Charges

THE PHONE CALL Being investigated for any domestic violence related offense can be very stressful.  A minor argument or verbal altercation in an already fragile marriage or relationship can lead to a felony case being filed.  Whether it is your romantic partner or a well-meaning neighbor, one phone call to the police about a domesticContinue Reading

How to Reduce Your Bail in a Criminal Case

There are a number of ways to get your bail reduced in a criminal case.  Often times the arresting agency will arrest a suspect for a felony.  Bailing out on felony charges can be extremely expensive.  I have often witnessed individuals arrested on felony cases with felony bail set by the arresting agency, only toContinue Reading

Bail Guidelines in Southern California

Bail guidelines in California are very, very important to understand.  One of the first things a criminal defendant is faced with after being arrested is the issue of bail.  When a suspect is arrested for a criminal offense, the arresting agency will refer to the local bail schedule to set bail.  If you are arrestedContinue Reading