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Temecula Court is located at 41002 County Center Dr. #100, Temecula, CA 92591.  The Temecula court handles only traffic matters and very limited civil issues such as small claims, unlawful detainers, and a few family law filings.   The Temecula Court is located just off the 15 freeway at Winchester Road.   Exit Winchester and head east a few blocks and you can’t miss it, it’s right next to the Grace Mellman community library.  Free parking is available although the lot will tend to get full on days that traffic trials are scheduled.

If you get there early or even right on time you will notice that before they open the doors to the actual courtoom inside the Temecula courthouse, a large crowd of people will gather in an effort to be first, or maybe to make sure they don’t miss anything.  It’s kind of funny to watch all the people try to squeeze into the little hallway.    Cases are not called for about 15 minutes or longer after the actual courtroom doors open and the calendar is called based on a system set up by the clerks and the bailiff.  It’s not first come first serve and you won’t miss a thing, so there really is no need to pack into the hallway.   Now that you have read this, you have a heads up and you can wait outside comfortably, and then head in through the metal detectors and into the courtroom once you see the doors open and people start to head inside the actual courtroom.

If you are facing a traffic matter at the Temecula courthouse and you want to fight your ticket, your chances of victory will greatly improve with the assistance of an experienced traffic attorney.   A lawyer can appear on your behalf pursuant to PC 977(a) so that you can fight your ticket without even going to court.   Traffic attorney’s know the defenses that work when dealing with traffic tickets and can help keep points off your record and save you money.   Many tickets can be dismissed or reduced if your defense is handled properly.  Anyone with a suspended drivers license can fix that problem by properly handling their tickets Temecula Courthouse.  An experienced traffic attorney will know how to make a walk-in appearance and have the holds pursuant to 40509.5 lifted immediately so that you can return to the DMV and have your license reissued quickly without waiting months for a court date.   Riverside county does not allow for reductions of the civil assessment under PC 1214.1 in court so even with a lawyer, all requests for a reduction of the civil assessment in must be made by filing a written petition.  If you are handling your traffic matter on your own, you can request the form to set aside the civil assessment in the clerk’s office.