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Riverside Juvenile Court in Riverside County California is located at 9991 County Farm Road, Riverside, CA 92503.  Riverside juvenile court is not in downtown Riverside.  Downtown Riverside courts include the Hall of Justice, the family law court, and the Riverside Historic Courthouse.  Riverside Juvenile court is located off Tyler and the 91 freeway just behind the Galleria Mall.   Riverside Juvenile court handles both juvenile delinquency cases under WIC 602 and Juvenile Dependency Cases pursuant to WIC 300.

Juvenile Delinquency Cases under WIC 602 in Riverside can generally be thought of as crimes by a minor.  These are types of conduct that are deemed illegal under the California Penal Code.  Because of the age of the person who allegedly did the crime, these cases come to Riverside Juvenile Court after the Riverside County District Attorney files a petition alleging that the minor falls under Welfare and Institutions Code Section 602.  If the petition is found to be true, the minor will then become a ward of the court.  Penalties can include out of home placement, placement in juvenile hall or juvenile camp.  More serious crimes by a child under the age of 18 can be tried as adults pursuant to WIC 707.

Juvenile Dependency Cases under WIC 300 can generally be though of as a situation where the minor has done no wrong but the minor falls under the jurisdiction of the court based on the action or inaction of the parents.   Common patterns that lead to dependency court include domestic violence, drug or alcohol abuse by one or both parents, and excessive discipline or physical abuse cases.

Hours of Operation

The courthouse is open from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, except court holidays.

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Public parking is available in front of the Juvenile Court building and in other lots located in the juvenile court complex.  Parking is not metered on the streets or in the lots.  There are six handicapped spaces available in front of the court building.  Individuals with vehicles displaying a handicapped placard or license plate may park in any space.