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West Justice Center Westminster Orange County California

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West Justice Center Westminster Location

West Justice Center Westminster  is located at 8141 13th Street in Westminster, CA 92683.   This Orange County courthouse is located just North of the 405 freeway off Beach Boulevard.  The West Justice Center Westminster also known as West Court, handles criminal matters, traffic cases, and limited civil issues.   West Court follows the same layout as other Orange County courts.  There is a giant line for the traffic windows outside the building and security to enter the building is tight.  Someone in Orange County recently decided that it would be a great idea to spend thousands of  dollars in county funds on flat screen TV’s so like all Orange County Courts, the daily calendar is on display in full 1080p High Definition.   It really gives it the full “airport feel” after you get through security.

West Justice Center Westminster Lawyers and Staff

Most criminal cases at West Justice Center Westminster are prosecuted by the Orange County District Attorney, although some misdemeanor crimes are handled by local city attorney’s.  If you end up in custody on a case originating from the Newport Beach court you will be in the care of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.  Orange County has a reputation throughout Southern California as the only place where you actually have to serve your full jail time.    This is because neighboring counties like LA, Riverside, and San Bernardino all suffer from a lack of jail space.  In those counties early release is the rule.  In OC, you get sentenced, you serve your time.   Inmates are of course eligible for good time work time credit under California Penal Code 4019, but that’s it.  Anyone facing a criminal case in Orange County should contact a local attorney, with experience handling Orange County cases.

West Justice Center Westminster Parking

The West Justice Center Westminster does offer free parking, but the lot is undersized.  If you get there early or late, you can park for free.  Otherwise be prepared to find a space at one of the businesses along Beach Boulevard and make the walk of shame after you park in front of that sign that says “no courthouse parking”.  West Justice Center Westminster has recently added a large parking garage right next to the courthouse which has greatly improved the parking situation.   The bad news is that this is a paid garage.  It is of the automated variety so payment is made at a machine after entry and parking.   Once they realize that noone is paying, we expect to see a booth and gate system at the entry, or some efforts at enforcement through parking citations.