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West Covina Courthouse Location

The West Covina courthouse is located at 1427 West Covina Parkway in West Covina, CA 91790.   West Covina court is also known as the Citrus courthouse or sometimes referred to as Citrus Court.    The West Covina court handles DUI, traffic, and criminal matters.   Parking at West Covina court is usually free.   There is a garage located just off Sunset and there is also a free lot located on the lower level which can be accessed from the frontage road that runs just south of the 10 freeway near the mall.  West Covina Traffic Court is heard in Department 1 and this court handles a VERY high volume of traffic tickets.   When you enter the West Covina Courthouse, you go through security and then you see a giant line of people.  That is the line for the traffic clerk.  It doesn’t seem to matter what time of day you are visiting the Citrus Court, there is always a long line for traffic court.

West Covina Courthouse Traffic Clerk the 3  Hour Line

The traffic clerk at the West Covina courthouse is notoriously busy.  Lines can be over an hour most days of the week.   The traffic clerk’s office in West Covina is seperate from the collection agency of GC Services for those unfortunate enough to have a failure to appear or FTA which may be holding or suspending your California Drivers License or even an out of state license.    For many people, the visit to the courthouse starts with waiting over an hour in line, only to be told when your reach the clerk that you actually need to go a separate office to deal with GC Services.    If you have an old traffic ticket in the West Covina courthouse and you are going to try to fix it yourself, yo should start at the GC Services office before you even bother waiting in the traffic line.   The clerk for the criminal and limited civil divisions is located just to the left of the traffic clerk and most days the criminal and civil clerk’s office will have a much shorter line than the traffic court.   If you have a traffic or criminal case in the West Covina Courthouse, you may want to consider retaining the services of a local attorney.