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Van Nuys Courthouse Location

The Van Nuys Courthouse is located at 14400 Erwin Street Mall, Van Nuys, CA 91401.    This courthouse handles traffic ticketsDUI cases, andcriminal law issues.  This is the busiest courthouse in the San Fernando Valley which means it’s going to take you hours if you need to go there.   Located near the intersection of the 405 and 101 freeways Northwest of downtown Los Angeles, the Van Nuys Court is a very busy place.  To avoid the hassle, you may want to consider hiring a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney to appear on your behalf

Van Nuys Courthouse Parking

Your first clue to the difficulty and delays you will face at the Van Nuys Courthouse will hit you while you are in the car just trying to get there.  Traffic at the 101 and 405 interchange is legendary .   Once you arrive to the Van Nuys Courthouse your next challenge is parking.   There is underground parking available directly below the courthouse for approximately $8.  If you are willing to walk, you can park at an offsite lot or meters in the surrounding area.  If you are looking to save money you can look for free street parking in the neighborhoods surrounding the Van Nuys Court.   Wherever you park be aware that parking enforcement in the area surrounding the courthouse is extremely tight.   Tickets are issued daily for expired meters and expired tags.   In recent months the new trend is to issue citations for equipment violations to the parked cars surrounding the courthouse.  So many people are returning to their vehicles after a long day in court to find a ticket for tinted windows, broken taillights, cracked windshields, etc.

Van Nuys Courthouse Suspended License Enforcement

If you are an unlicensed driver or a driver with a suspended license, do not drive to the Van Nuys Court.  Van Nuys is more aggressive than almost any other jurisdiction in Los Angeles when it comes to the apprehension and prosecution of people for these offenses.  Several of the attorneys that blog on this site have alerted us that their DUI clients are often followed by law enforcement upon leaving the Van Nuys courthouse to ensure that they do not get in a vehicle and attempt to drive away on a suspended license.

Van Nuys Courthouse Clerk’s Office

Once you find a place to park the next challenge is getting into the building.  Security is tight so you are looking at a long line to get through a metal detector.    The lines can be long and they move slowly so plan about an extra 20 minutes to your schedule just for getting into the building.   Next you must located the right line for your needs whether it’s the traffic clerk’s window, GC Services, the criminal clerk, the health office for DUI program referrals, or the courtroom or any of the numerous clerk’s offices hidden throughout the courthouse.   If you are looking for the traffic clerk, take the escalator up to the second floor and get in the line that looks like it belongs at Disneyland.