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Glendale Courthouse Location

The Glendale Courthouse is located at 600 E Broadway in Glendale, CA 91206.  The Glendale Court handles DUI, traffic, and criminal matters.   Felony matters filed at the Glendale Court are sent to Burbank for preliminary hearing.  The Glendale Courthouse also hears a civil calendar for restraining orders, unlawful detainers, and other cases of limited civil jurisdiction.   Family law matters filed in Glendale are heard at the Burbank Courthouse.   The Glendale Court was once known as a “muni” court but since the merger of California courts took place it is now technically a Superior Court just like all courts in California.

Glendale Courthouse Parking

Parking at the Glendale courthouse is a challenge.  There is no public lot or garage that allows free or even paid parking.   The only parking lot at the courthouse is reserved for employees only.   The only option for public parking is street parking in the surrounding area which includes both meters and free parking.   Be prepared to do a little walking if you are headed to the Glendale Courthouse.

Glendale Courthouse Criminal Court and Traffic Court

Criminal matters at the Glendale Courthouse including DUI cases are heard in departments 1 and 2.  Anyone facing a criminal matter is strongly encouraged to contact a criminal defense attorney for a consultation.  If you are facing a criminal charge and your are unable to afford to hire your own lawyer, you have a right to court appointed attorney.   A request for the public defender or other appointed counsel should be made to the court at your first appearance before any plea is entered in your case.   Traffic matters at the Glendale Courthouse are handled in Department 3.   The traffic department handles both arraignments and traffic trials.   Traffic matters with failures to appear or failure to pay are handled by a private collection agency known as GC Services.  Anyone with tickets in collections should contact a lawyer with experience dealing with traffic cases in collections.