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East Los Angeles Courthouse Lawyer

East Los Angeles Courthouse Location

The East Los Angeles Courthouse or East LA traffic court and East LA criminal court is located at 214 S Fetterly Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90022.   Located just east of the 710 freeway in the heart of East LA, this courthouse handles DUI, trafffic, and criminal matters.   The criminal department in East LA court handles both misdemeanor and felony cases.    The East LA courthouse features free parking in either the garage or open lot just east of the courthouse because when you are going to East LA, all the good stuff is to the East.

East Los Angeles Courthouse Traffic Court

The traffic clerk’s office at the East LA courthouse can get incredibly crowded.  The courthouse is often overflowing with people dealing with new and old traffic tickets.   The Judge who handles traffic court is one of the nicer and more efficient bench officers handling traffic matters in the greater Los Angeles area so the calendar does move quickly.   The problem is that after you see the judge, you have to go back to the clerk’s office to get your trial date or disposition paperwork and this is where the real waiting begins.   You know you are in for a long wait when you see the turnstile set up that looks like the line for a ride at Disneyland.

If you have a redlight camera ticket, speeding ticket, or ticket in collections with GC Services based on a failure to appear or FTA, it would be a good idea to contact an experienced traffic lawyer to help you with your case.    Once your case is sent to collections the cost of hiring a lawyer will often pay for itself in the money you save on the fines by avoiding collection agency and the damage you avoid to your driving record.  For those facing a criminal charge in this courthouse, consulting with a lawyer is always recommended.  If you are facing a criminal charge in the East LA courthouse and you can not afford to retain a private lawyer, you should ask the court to appoint the services of the Public Defender at your first court appearance.