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The Chatsworth Courthouse is located at 9425 Penfield Ave, Chatsworth, CA 91311.   Serving the good people of the San Fernando valley, Chatsworth traffic court is kind of like the opposite of the courthouse in Beverly Hills.  In Beverly Hills you go in expecting a beautiful modern courthouse because hey, it’s Beverly Hills right? Instead you get an old run down courthouse with one working elevator and a hokey pokey system to get through security and into the building.   Well in Chatsworth court you are pretty much expecting a mobile home and maybe a few tents with no air conditioning and BAM, you get one of the largest and most modern courts in the County of Los Angeles.  Free parking, an efficient clerk’s office, clean restrooms….The Chatsworth Courthouse is one of the nicest courthouses in the entire Los Angeles county court system.

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The Chatsworth Courthouse handles traffic ticketsDUI cases, andcriminal law issues.All traffic ticket issues are heard in Department F40 with criminal and civil issues spread throughout the remaining courtrooms.   Aside from having to drive through Chatworth to get there, this is one of the nicer courthouses in LA county.   Even though it’s a clean, efficient, and new courthouse compared to other LA traffic courts, that doesn’t mean you necessarily want to be there.  Sitting in traffic court on a ticket can be a huge waste of time and facing a judge causes many people to panic and make poor decisions that can later affect your driving record, your pocketbook, and your freedom.   Hiring a lawyer to appear on your behalf may be a wise investment in the long run.   If you are facing a DUI or other criminal charge, the need for a lawyer is even greater.   If you want to handle your issues properly in the Chatsworth Courthouse, consider contacting a Los Angeles Attorney experienced in these types of matters.