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This California Court Directory will help you navigate the California Court System.    The system is built with 58 superior courts, one for each of the 58 counties in the great state of California.   Our California Court directory will help you find your local court that hears cases in criminal, DUI, traffic, family, juvenile, and civil matters.  California also has an appellate court system and of course the California Supreme Court sits above all.   Most people living and working in California will deal primarily with the 58 Superior Courts.   The Superior Courts operate at the “trial level”.   This is where cases are filed, settled, and litigated.   When a case in California is appealed, it will go to the appellate courts or the Supreme Court. Every case in California begins in one of the 58 Superior Courts listed in our California Court directory.

If you need to find the right courthouse for you case or get information about any California Courthouse, our California Court Directory is a great place to start.  After you locate the info you are looking for in our California Court Directory, you may want to check out our blog.   Our blog posts are written by California lawyers and they contain valuable insight and information about California law.

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  • Alpine County Courts
  • Amador County Courts
  • El Dorado County Courts
  • Placer County Courts
  • Nevada County Courts
  • Lake County Courts
  • Colusa County Courts
  • Mendocino County Courts
  • Glenn County Courts
  • Butte County Courts
  • Sierra County Courts
  • Plumas County Courts
  • Tehama County Courts
  • Humboldt County Courts
  • Shasta County Courts
  • Lassen County Courts
  • Modoc County Courts
  • Siskiyou County Courts
  • Del Norte County Courts
  • Trinity County Courts
  • Yolo County Courts
  • Yuba County Courts