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Sexual Abuse of Step-Daughter and Child Abuse Central Index

Sexual Abuse of Step-Daughter Child Protective Services was called because an allegation was made that you touched your step-daughter’s private parts or her breast, i.e., sexual abuse of step-daughter.  Your step-daughter might be 15 years old or 3 years old.  The allegation may have come from your step-daughter directly or from her mother.  CPS cameContinue Reading

How to Get Your Criminal Threats Charges Dismissed in California

Criminal threats is a crime codified as Penal Code (PC) section 422.  It is a very serious crime that must be taken seriously by everyone involved: you, your attorney, the judge, and the prosecutors. A couple weeks ago the Monterey County District Attorney’s office dismissed charges of Criminal Threats against a fellow who went onContinue Reading

San Diego Domestic Violence Attorney

If you have been charged with a domestic violence crime in San Diego, you need to act fast to properly prepare your defense.  Domestic violence laws in California are particularly strict on the accused.  The prosecutor’s case will be driven by the facts, but also by much more than that.  In their case against you,Continue Reading

Slip and Fall Accidents in California

Slip and fall accidents often result in painful injury, and sometimes even death. Thousands of deaths each year are attributed to trip and fall accidents. Slip and fall or trip and fall accidents are typically caused by dangerous or hazardous conditions on someone’s property. What Causes Slip and Fall or Trip and Fall Injuries? Premises hazardsContinue Reading

San Diego East County Motorcyclists Need More Insurance Coverage

As reported by 10News, a motorcyclist in San Diego’s East County was speeding around a curve in the road, lost control of his bike and crashed into a guardrail. The driver lost his life at the scene of the motorcycle accident. He was driving in a pack of other motorcycles at the time. This tragicContinue Reading