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Drug DUI in California

What you should know about Drug DUI in California: The winning approach to handling Drug DUI charges. Cases involving Drug DUI in California are becoming more frequent with the growing use of drugs: prescription drugs, medicinal marijuana and recreational drugs like marijuana or MDMA.  Prosecutors are having a much easier time charging and convicting DrugContinue Reading

2nd DUI Penalties: A Los Angeles DUI Lawyer’s Perspective

What are the Penalties for a 2nd DUI in California? California law is harsh when it comes to 2nd DUI penalties, to deter people from committing them and to address the real danger that DUI’s pose to the public. Mandatory jail time is one of the 2nd DUI penalties in California, in addition to DMVContinue Reading

Los Angeles Eviction Lawyer

Los Angeles Eviction Lawyer When a landlord is having problems with a tenant not paying rent, or violating terms of the lease, the landlord can file an unlawful detainer lawsuit against the tenant. A Los Angeles eviction lawyer can help a the landlord with preparing and filing the unlawful detainer and making sure it isContinue Reading

LA Eviction Lawyer/Orange County Eviction Lawyer: What you should know about Security Deposits

LA Eviction Lawyer / Orange County Eviction Lawyer explains the rules of Security Deposits: How much can a landlord charge and what they can be used for. This article was made from information available on www.AttorneyInLA.net written by an LA eviction lawyer who handles eviction cases in LA and Orange Counties. California law regarding howContinue Reading

How to Give 3 Day Notice

Eviction lawyers in Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and beyond are knowledgeable in what steps have to be taken to successfully handle an eviction.  A common issue that causes problems for landlords, (and is useful to tenants in building their defense) is the proper handling of giving a tenant notice. Two of the mostContinue Reading