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Victorville Red Light Camera Citation Dismissed

The Law Offices of Mark A. Gallagher recently represented a defendant who received a Victorville red light camera citation. The alleged violation occurred at the intersection of Bear Valley Road and Industrial Boulevard. The evidence acquired from discovery showed the yellow light was too short for state standards and therefore this Victorville red light cameraContinue Reading

Police: DUI Driver Nearly Nude & Drunk

From the Associated Press. Charges have been filed against a New York woman who was allegedly  nearly nude and drunk when she crashed her vehicle into a wall and drove off.  It’s not every day we hear a story about a DUI driver nearly nude and drunk, so the internet is buzzing over this one.Continue Reading

Misdemeanor Failure To Appear On Your Record?

When people receive a traffic ticket and do not show up to court, they are charged with a Misdemeanor Failure To Appear. This charge, classified as CVC 40508, is a misdemeanor. If a citation is sent to a collections agency and the defendant pays the entire amount owed, then the defendant also absorbed the misdemeanorContinue Reading

California Registered Sex Offender On Parole Conditions Making It Difficult To Find A Home?

If you must register under California Penal Code section 290 for an offense that was alleged to have been committed before November 8, 2006 and are on parole on or after November 8, 2006, you likely fall under the stringent requirements of California Penal Code section 3003.5(b) which forbids any California Registered Sex Offender onContinue Reading

Red Light Cameras Banned In Murrieta

On Election Day 2012, the citizens of Murrieta voted to enact Measure N which prohibits the use of red light cameras in the city.[1] This passage doesn’t necessarily spell the end for those $490 tickets as the California 4th District Court of Appeals ruled that opponents of Measure N would have to wait until theContinue Reading