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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Family Code Section 3042

Family Code Section 3042 gives the power of the child to tell the court which parent he or she wants to live with. It is a very powerful tool used very carefully by courts. There are a couple of steps to the law and I have given them below. Click here for the actual statute.Continue Reading

CHP Officer Beating Woman Settles for $1.5M

The California Highway Patrol just reached a $1.5 million settlement with the woman beaten at the hands of CHP officer Daniel Andrew. Video of the beating became viral last July when 51 year old Marlene Pinnock was apprehended by a CHP officer on the 10 freeway. Andrew, an officer with only two years of experience,Continue Reading

Domestic Violence Defense Strategy

How do you know you have a winning domestic violence defense strategy? Read below: Self-Defense This is the most widely used domestic violence defense strategy. If you are charged with domestic violence, but you were merely attacking in order to defense yourself, then you are not guilty of domestic violence. Self-defense means that you reasonablyContinue Reading

Family Code Section 4320-Part III

Welcome back to the last part of my three part series on how courts calculate spousal support otherwise known as “alimony.” Click here for the first part of the series and click here for the second section. Do I have to Pay Alimony? If you were married and the primary income earner, then the short answerContinue Reading

Family Code Section 4320-Part II

How is Alimony Calculated? People thinking about getting a divorce often wonder how alimony is calculated. The way courts calculate alimony is given to us in Family Code Section 4320. There is a list of fourteen factors that the family law judge will look at to determine your alimony payments. Yesterday I covered the firstContinue Reading