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VC 12500(a) Driving without a license in California

The Basics of VC 12500 California Vehicle Code Section 12500 or VC 12500(a) requires you to have a valid license to drive a car in California.  Seems simple enough right? You gotta have a license to drive, everyone knows that by the time they are old enough to drive.   No license? Pulled over? YouContinue Reading

Can Police Take My Blood Without A Warrant?

This past April, the United States Supreme Court ruled on Missouri v. McNeely and held that law enforcement must (in most cases) get a warrant before taking a non-consensual blood sample to test a driver’s blood alcohol level.  Of course, like most anything in law there are exceptions. In McNeely, the defendant was stopped earlyContinue Reading

Being in a drugged area

Recently had a client charged with an unusual crime, to wit: Being in a drugged area. Had to actually look it up in the California penal code, and it looks like a classic example of legislative overreach. In the usual enthusiasm to maximize crime and punishment someone clearly thought it would be much easier ifContinue Reading

Torrance Courthouse Misdemeanor Defense

Torrance Misdemeanor Defense.  The Torrance Courthouse is home to several prosecuting agencies.  If the alleged crime occurred in Torrance, Redondo Beach, Gardena,  Manhattan Beach, or Palos Verdes, then the case is likely to be heard at the Torrance Courthouse.  Torrance Courthouse, unlike many other courthouses in Los Angeles County, draws a fairly conservative jury pool. Continue Reading