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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Obscure misdemeanor “Being in a drug area”

Recently had a client charged with an unusual crime, to wit: Being in a drug area.  Had to actually look it up in the California penal code, and it looks like a classic example of legislative overreach. In the usual enthusiasm to maximize crime and punishment someone clearly thought it would be much easier ifContinue Reading

Torrance Crime News – Theft Defense Lawyer

Torrance Crime News Crime is on the rise in Torrance during this busy holiday season.  Likewise, pleading guilty or no contest plea to a theft charge in the Torrance Courthouse can have devastating consequences on your future employment.  Many job applicants are asked if they’ve ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony and,Continue Reading

Torrance DUI Checkpoints

Torrance police officers are in full force this holiday season.  They are especially on the lookout for suspected drunk drivers.  Many parts of Torrance, Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach are magnets for drunk drivers due to the high number of bars in the area.  Many officers that are on the DUI task force will waitContinue Reading