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An arrest for driving under the influence in California is an expensive and painful process for many California drivers.  There’s the embarrassment of the arrest, the thousands of dollars in fines, the DUI classes you must attend (and pay for), and possible custody time, not to mention the cost of an attorney.  Many people chooseContinue Reading

Divorce Attorney LA family law lawyer

Getting the services of a divorce attorney is one of the most important decisions that you may do in your life.  Hence, you must be very careful in selecting the lawyer that you would get for this particular type of case. Before you hire a lawyer, here are some things that you should take intoContinue Reading

Child Support Modification LA Family Law Attorney

A court can decide on child support modification if there is a significant increase or decrease in the income of either of the parents who are providing the support. The parent who had been granted custody of the child can file for a child support modification if she has sufficient basis to believe that theContinue Reading

Pomona Juvenile Delinquency Criminal Defense

A Pomona Juvenile Delinquency criminal defense lawyer is an important aspect in securing the best possible outcome when a child or a minor is facing a juvenile court.  These cases are of particular importance as they have a significant effect on the accused minor’s future.  Hence, it would not be considered a wise step toContinue Reading

Domestic Violence Attorney

A domestic violence attorney will help you to settle your case to your best interests.  They will help you obtain the best legal remedy that will apply to your particular situation such as conflict resolution, anger management, community service, dismissal, deferred entry of judgment, etc. Some of the situations that involve domestic violence include stalking,Continue Reading