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Courtroom Secrets Part 1 – Things Law School Doesn’t Teach You About Criminal Courts

All lawyers can agree that law school can be a grueling experience and studying for the bar can be downright painful.   Future lawyer take numerous courses on the law, legal analysis and trial advocacy.  However, there are few if any courses on what really goes on in a courtroom….especially in criminal courts.  Here are justContinue Reading

Adolescent Brain Development as a Defense

Can an adolescent’s brain development or lack thereof be a defense? Three general differences between juveniles under 18 and adults demonstrate that juvenile offenders cannot reliabl be classified among the worst offenders.  First, any parent knows…juveniles lack maturity and have an underdeveolped sense of responsibility much more so than adults.  Moreover, juveniles are overrepresented statisticallyContinue Reading

Torrance Expungements – What Employers Cannot Ask About

California Labor Code states than an employer cannot ask someone applying for a job for information about an arrest or detention that did not end up in a conviction.  So, if you are applying for a job and you happen to have a conviction arising out of the Torrance Courthouse, they cannot ask about theContinue Reading

How to Represent Yourself in Torrance Criminal Court

Many Torrance criminal defendants who do not want a court-appointed lawyer choose to represent themselves in criminal court. Whether the charge is a 1st-Time DUI or Murder, criminal defendants have decided to go-it-alone by researching the law and their respective defense themselves. Some of the “Pro-Per” defendants do an o.k. job representing themselves while otherContinue Reading

Restitution is Payback–What Goes Around, Comes Around

Restitution Is Payback–What Goes Around, Comes Around.  By Andrew Dósa, Law Office of Andrew Dósa, Alameda, Northern California. The law is clear.  California has made it a Constitutional Right of a crime victim.  Restitution is imposed when a defendant is convicted of a crime.  It is good for a victim.  It is supposed to beContinue Reading