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Can my old traffic tickets land me in jail?

Yes!  Looking up my traffic tickets on the Los Angeles County Superior Court website and searching under the driver’s license look-up, I found a few unresolved items listed.  I see that I have four unresolved tickets from various courthouses in the greater Los Angeles area. The “status” section has four different messages.  The first casesContinue Reading

Post Lawyer Careers for California Lawyers

Today’s blog post is a guest contribution from author/blogger/comedian extraordinaire Noah Kovacs Since retiring from law, Noah Kovacs has enjoyed himself blogging about small business law, legal marketing, and anything else legal, criminal or civil. He recently purchased his first cabin and spends his free time remodeling its kitchen for his family. Twitter: @NoahKovacs Post-LawyerContinue Reading

DUI Driving on Suspended License in California

By Christopher J McCann The only two bodies that have a right to suspend or revoke your driving privileges in California are the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle) and a court of law. You can request your CA criminal law attorney to check if your driver’s license has been suspended. What Is Meant By SuspensionContinue Reading

Drunk in Public California Misdemeanor Ticket

By Christopher J McCann Parties are meant to be a fun and entertaining experience that often include responsible drinking; however, when the party spills into the public eye the police must intervene. Being charged with public intoxication is not simply being drunk in a public location. Instead, the individual must be intoxicated to the pointContinue Reading

What Is DUI Entrapment Laws?

Definition of DUI Entrapment Laws Once in a while, criminal lawyers focusing on DUI cases tend to come across drunken driving charges where the arresting officer compelled an impaired driver to enter into his or her car only for them to arrest the impaired driver later for driving under the influence. For example, the policeContinue Reading