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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Teenage Angst: Alcohol, Drugs, Courts, and the DMV

There is a strange phase we all go through where we choose the hardest roads possible and refuse to listen to anyone.  We decide that our favorite ways to learn are the hard ways.  This phase is commonly called our “teenage years” and, for most of us, we wish we could do them all overContinue Reading

Court TV Jodi Arias Trial

Court Watching, gaining popularity and the networks have discovered the riveting world of the courtroom, the sociopath, the good guys and the bad guys, the compelling and uncompelling witnesses— the unparalelled drama that is to be found at the point where a citizen, free yesterday, may be put to death by the government tomorrow.     I amContinue Reading

Legal Exceptions to Having an Attorney Appear at Arraignment

An accused in a criminal case who is charged with a misdemeanor need not personally appear at the arraignment hearing, but may appear through an attorney.  A written waiver of the defendant’s personal appearance is not required. Defense counsel’s verbal representations that counsel is authorized to appear on the defendant’s behalf are sufficient to establishContinue Reading

Understanding Bail in a Criminal Case

It is extremely important to understand the factors in deciding bail prior to your court date.  Bail is governed by the Bail Schedule for the respective county in which the crime is alleged to have occurred.  Factors in the setting of bail are controlled by the California Penal Code Section 1275. Factors in reducing, increasingContinue Reading

Airport Courthouse Criminal Defense Strategies

The Airport Courthouse in Los Angeles prosecutes felonies and misdemeanor cases in the surrounding community.  There are several prosecuting agencies that prosecute out of the Airport Courthouse.  The Santa Monica City Attorney and Los Angeles City Attorney prosecute misdemeanor cases in their respective courtrooms.  If you are arrested for any misdemeanor in Santa Monica, youContinue Reading