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What do you do for community service for court

Learn what do you do for community service for court The court is sometimes considerate enough to give less severe ruling to victims of petty crimes. In most circumstances, the court requests such victims to do community service. It can specify the kind of community service to be done or not. If it fails toContinue Reading

Los Angeles online traffic school reviews

Review of LA Online Traffic Schools You may find yourself going through a list of Los Angeles online traffic school reviews without getting the point of the whole exercise. Taking a Los Angeles Online Traffic school course is a good way to polish your safe driving skills. Of course, you get to meet the court requirementsContinue Reading

Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Attorney LA Traffic Court update

Being a Los Angeles traffic ticket attorney is like a lot of jobs in LA.   It doesn’t matter what you do for a living in Los Angeles, we all end in the same place, on the freeway, sitting  in traffic.    How do you get to traffic court in LA? You sit in traffic.Continue Reading

Court Appointed Special Advocates Los Angeles County

Guest Post By:  Christopher J McCann on court appointed special advocates in Los Angeles county What Is Court Appointed Special Advocates Los Angeles And What Do They Do? On any given day in Los Angeles, more than seven hundred children end up in the Dependency Court system. These children are extracted from the custody ofContinue Reading

How to Drop Domestic Violence Charges Part III

Dropping Domestic Violence Charges: Some alleged victims of domestic violence, whether it be male or female, may use the threat of calling the police as a means of controlling their partner and relationship.  Whenever the police are used as a vehicle to enforce control in a romantic relationship, then it is time to leave….and quickly. Continue Reading