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Fullerton DUI attorney Mark A. Gallagher Video

Fullerton DUI attorney Mark A. Gallagher I have been a practicing California DUI attorney for over 13 years all over Southern California.  I have helped clients fight DUI charges everywhere South of Bakersfield.  And I do mean everywhere.  How many other DUI lawyers have handled cases in Winterhaven, Calexico, San Diego, Santa Ana, Newport Beach,Continue Reading

Driving on a Suspended License – 2 Things to Know

Driving on a Suspended License Driving on a suspended license is a serious charge. There is potential jail time for driving on a suspended license. There are different types of driving on a suspended license charge. One is without a DUI and one is with a DUI.  The more serious one is the one withContinue Reading

How to Conduct a Free Online Background Check in California

California free background check online By guest post columnist: Christopher J McCann a Santa Ana criminal defense and Orange County DUI Lawyer So you’re an employer who wants to check your applicant’s past records, or you are businessman who wants to know a little bit of background of your prospect business partner or just simplyContinue Reading

Failure to Pay – What happens next?

We’ve all heard this scenario: You plead guilty on a traffic ticket and the judge orders you to pay all sort of fines.  Fines for the ticket, fines for court, fines to process the fines, fines if you had oatmeal for breakfast, and fines if you didn’t eat breakfast.  Face it, if you have aContinue Reading

Are Driving Offenses Criminal in California?

Are Driving Offenses Criminal in California? Many drivers in California want to know – are driving offenses criminal in the Golden State? To provide a substantial answer, we must first define a few relevant terms. The law has two categories – civil law and criminal law. For the purposes of this article, only a brief,Continue Reading