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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Top 10 Invalid Police Officer Field Sobriety Test Mistakes

By Christopher J McCann a DUI attorney in Orange County, California So you’re driving or busy on some other duties and the police officer wants to perform some field sobriety tests to establish how fit you are for the activity. You are worried on your fate due to the mistakes that the field sobriety testContinue Reading

Top 10 Worst Drunk Driving DUI Lawyer Ads

By Christopher J McCann a DUI attorney in Orange County, California So you’re spending your off hours out of your stressful job and waiting for the Saturday’s prime time movie. When all of a sudden programming switched to the obligatory commercials and the day’s favored commercials are from lawyers and firms who dabble into ‘DrinkingContinue Reading

How I Bribed a Cop to Pass a Field Sobriety Test to Avoid Getting Arrested for a DUI

This guest post is about how a DUI attorney in Orange County bribed a cop to pass a field sobriety test to avoid getting arrested for a DUI.  Crazy right? Well read on to learn how a cop can help you pass a DUI field sobriety test. Crazy to think that an established DUI attorneyContinue Reading

LA County DUI Lawyer: Q&A your potential lawyer.- Flock of Legals

Your LA County DUI Lawyer Must Explain These to You. I’ve recently wrote on my blog about the three areas you should quiz your Orange County DUI Lawyer on. These questions apply to LA County, Riverside, and whatever other counties you are in.  The science of DUI is the same no matter where you go. YouContinue Reading

Victorville Red Light Camera Citation Dismissed

The Law Offices of Mark A. Gallagher recently represented a defendant who received a Victorville red light camera citation. The alleged violation occurred at the intersection of Bear Valley Road and Industrial Boulevard. The evidence acquired from discovery showed the yellow light was too short for state standards and therefore this Victorville red light cameraContinue Reading