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Monthly Archives: November 2012

White Collar Crime – What You Need to Know BEFORE You Are Charged

Before a person is charged with white collar crime related offenses, there are usually obvious signs that the person is under investigation. This guide provides some basic information on what a person needs to do as soon as they have been alerted to a potential investigation.   1.  Evaluate What Potential Evidence May Be SeizedContinue Reading

In An LA County Traffic Court For a 14601.1 (a) Driving With A Suspended License Charge?

A large percentage of my clients hire me because they end up in an LA County traffic court due to a Vehicle Code 14601.1 (a) charge, which is a traffic ticket given for driving on a suspended license. You will be found guilty in an LA County traffic court or in criminal court if: 1)Continue Reading


Two Los Angeles Police Department officers have been found guilty of perjury and conspiracy to obstruct justice by a Los Angeles County Courtroom jury. Four years ago, the two officers conspired to convict a defendant on drug charges. However what the two officers never realized was that there would be video surveillance of the entireContinue Reading

What is Cal Vehicle Code 23152?

Guest Post Columnist: Christopher J McCann an Orange County criminal defense DUI lawyer So what does this code refer to? Cal vehicle code 23152 states it is completely illegal for anyone that is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or both to drive any vehicle. This is based on it being illegal for anyContinue Reading

Drunk Driving Statistics in California

Guest Post Columnist: Christopher J McCann an Orange County criminal defense DUI lawyer Drunk driving is a situation where one is found driving while inebriated. Unfortunately, this is a very common situation in California. Statistics show that DUI can be responsible for about 41% of all the traffic related deaths. The state of California hasContinue Reading