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Monthly Archives: September 2012

California Unlawful Detainer: Residential vs. Commercial

California law affords numerous protections to residential tenants that it doesn’t afford to commercial tenants.  This is rooted in a few assumptions that the law has made regarding commerical and residentail tenants.  One assumption is that commerical tenants are likely more sophisticated than their residential counterparts and are thus better equipped to protect themselves against an unscrupulous landlord.  This assumption is further givenContinue Reading

Everything You Need to Know About Driving Solo in the HOV Lane

You may be fighting a traffic ticket in LA traffic court or maybe in an Orange County traffic court for driving in the HOV lane. Vehicle code section VC 21655.5(b) prohibits driving in the HOV lane in California. What Is the HOV Lane? The HOV lane refers to what normal people like you and I refer to asContinue Reading

Got an old California traffic ticket in collections? Don’t pay it!

If you have an old California traffic ticket in collections in the California Court system, you probably think it’s a money problem.   You want to pay off the ticket, but you just don’t have the cash.   GC Services, Alliance One, or any other 3rd party collection agency contracted by the courts tend to demand aboutContinue Reading

Pre-Trial Motions

Common Pre-Trial Motions by Defense Attorneys After arraignment, pre-trial and motions comes the time for trial. Most defendants are very confused about what happens before trial. One of the most important things a defense attorney can do is file “Pre-Trial” motions. These are motions that are filed before the jury is sworn to ensure aContinue Reading

DUI, Alcohol and the Human Body

DUI and the Human Body The earliest and most widely used drug in existence is grain alcohol. It was used as a sedative for early surgical procedures and for festive celebrations. Most DUI cases involve alcohol or a combination of alcohol and marijuana or prescription medication. Because of this, most prosecutors are trained in presentingContinue Reading